Adviesbureau P.E.W. Nijgh BV
Adviesbureau P.E.W. Nijgh BV


Our Service:

Adviesbureau P.E.W. Nijgh B.V. has a special offer for starters. For a fixed amount we will keep your administration up to date for one (the first) year. After this year we continue billing by true spent hours.

The existent entrepreneur:
  • financial administration
  • annual accounts
  • wages administration
Tax declarations:
  • omzetbelasting (turnover tax)
  • loonbelasting (wage tax)
  • inkomstenbelasting (income tax)
  • vennootschapsbelasting (corporation tax)
  • attend to ill-reports
  • attend to labour inspection (arbo-dienst/UWV)

The service of Adviesbureau P.E.W. Nijgh B.V.:
  • professional setting up, constructing and renewing the layout of your administration
  • organizing and keeping your current administration up to date

In real life this means, that:
  • your administration will be inventoried on time, and according to the employer judged, processed and archived
  • obligated information will be supplied to the tax office or accountant, prepared en delivered
  • on request management information and dispatches will be produced
  • according to a with you agreed planning, the activities will be carried out at your request
  • the activities will be done at the location, day and time of your choice
Adviesbureau P.E.W. Nijgh B.V.
Telephone: +31 (0)70-33 88 717

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